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Project Description
Here is two example projects that demonstrate the use of the plugin "jQuery Unified Export File" in web forms and MVC.

After downloading source code back to the your machine, you open Visual Studio 2012 and press Ctrl + F5 to run. If you don't have Visual Studio 2012, please create two projects web forms and MVC 3 in Visual Studio 2010, then add the existing code into those corresponding projects.

You have to meet the following requirements before running the program:

  1. Install .Net Framework 4.0 or later if not having on your machine.
  2. Require MVC 3 or higher installed on your machine.
  3. If you have installed IIS Web server on your machine, you can point the application to it. Otherwise, Visual Studio 2010 or higher is required to debug, test and run application.
  4. NPOI Excel library.

Suppose we have a web application used for exporting Persons data to the excel and send back to the client. We want to show the progress status of exporting excel file instead of being a full postback.

Using jQuery Unified Export File in web forms
Normal way:

Progress way:

ProgressBar way:

Using jQuery Unified Export File in MVC 3
Normal way:

Progress way:

ProgressBar way:

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